2016-17 Catalog

Joint International Relations and Economics Major

This major combines international economics, which is the study of markets and economic policy, with international political economy, which studies international institutions and the interactions of states with those institutions and each other motivated by tradeoffs among economic goals and considerations of power, national security, and citizen welfare.   Study of economic theory as well as institutional arrangements allows students to understand consequences for the world economy including political and distributional consequences.

Program Advisors:   Professor Dinissa Duvanova, International Relations Department

Professor Frank R. Gunter, Economics Department

Collateral course in Mathematics:
Any one of the following courses:
MATH 021Calculus I4
MATH 031Honors Calculus I4
MATH 051Survey of Calculus I4
MATH 075
MATH 076
Calculus I, Part A
and Calculus I, Part B
MATH 081Calculus with Business Applications4
Required Courses (60-61 credits), as follows:
Introductory courses (2 courses/8 credits)
Principles of Economics
Introduction to World Politics
Core Courses (8 courses/28 credits)
Methods and Research Design
Theories of International Relations
Foreign Policy
International Law
International Organization
International Political Economy
Great Power Politics
International Security
Causes of War
Statistical Methods (students who take MATH 012 and attend the last three weeks of ECO 045 can major in IR/Econ without taking all of ECO 045)
Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
or Eco 146
Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
Advanced courses in IR (2 courses/8 credits)
Chosen from any IR courses 300-387 (except 307) or 393
Advanced courses in Economics (2 courses/6 credits)
Chosen from ECO 303, ECO 339, ECO 340, ECO 345, ECO 371 (and ECO 343 which is offered only periodically)
Electives (3 courses/10-11 credits)
At least one course chosen from IR 200-387 or 393
At least one course chosen from ECO 200+ except ECO 258, 273, 362, and 371
The third may be from either of the two above categories
Recommended Economics electives:
Microfinance: Financial Inclusion for the Poor
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
International Trade
International Finance
Economic Development in China
European Economic Integration
Political-Economy of Iraq
Recommended IR electives:
Political Economy of North-South Relations
Economic Relations of Advanced Industrial Societies
Poverty and Development
Political Economy of Industrialization and Development
International Politics of Oil
Collateral course in Mathematics (1 course/4 credits)
Calculus I
Calculus with Business Applications

Majors in this program may NOT minor or major in either Economics or IR

Professors. Henri J. Barkey, PhD (University of Pennsylvania); Shin-Yi Chou, PhD (Duke University); James A. Dearden, PhD (The Pennsylvania State University); Mary E. Deily, PhD (Harvard University); Frank R. Gunter, PhD (Johns Hopkins University); Thomas J. Hyclak, PhD (University of Notre Dame); Judith A. McDonald, PhD (Princeton University); Vincent G. Munley, PhD (State University of NY, Binghamton University); Norrin M. Ripsman, PhD (University of Pennsylvania); Larry W Taylor, PhD (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill); Robert J. Thornton, PhD (University of Illinois Upper Chicago); Todd A. Watkins, PhD (Harvard University)

Associate Professors. Dinissa Duvanova, PhD (Ohio University); Yinan He, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Chaim D. Kaufmann, PhD (Columbia University); Chad Meyerhoefer, PhD (Cornell University); Kevin Narizny, PhD (Princeton University); Oleksandr Nikolsko Rzhevskyy, PhD (University of Houston University Park); Muzhe Yang, PhD (University of California Berkeley)

Assistant Professors. Weijia Dai, PhD (University of Maryland); Arman Grigoryan, PhD (Columbia University); Ernest Kong-Wah Lai, PhD (University of Pittsburgh); Alberto Lamadrid, PhD (Cornell University); Irina Panovska, PhD (Washington University); Seth Richards-Shubik, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)

Professor Of Practice. Marija Baltrusaitiene, MA (University of Iowa)

Emeriti. J. Richard Aronson, PhD (Clark University); Nicholas W. Balabkins, PhD (Rutgers University); Jon T. Innes, PhD (University of Oregon); Arthur E. King, PhD (Ohio State University); John R. Mc Namara, PhD (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); Rajan M. Menon, PhD (University of Illinois Urbana); Bruce E. Moon, PhD (Ohio State University); Anthony Patrick O'Brien, PhD (University of California Berkeley); Warren A. Pillsbury, PhD (University of Virginia); Oles M. Smolansky, PhD (Columbia University); Raymond F. Wylie, PhD (University of London)