2024-25 Catalog

Writing (WRT)


WRT 001 Academic and Analytical Writing 3 Credits

Introduction to academic writing, specifically analytical writing and essays that support claims in respectful conversation with other writers and thinkers. The course is centered on writing as a social process and provides focused instruction and ample practice in synthesis and analysis; collaboration and peer feedback; revision; and the conventions of college writing.

WRT 002 (ENGL 002) Research and Argument 3 Credits

Designed to refine the skills of argument and research. Students will make persuasive, thoughtful, and well-supported arguments in a variety of forms, including multimodal genres. The course provides a number of occasions to think, research, and write about pressing issues of public concern.

WRT 003 Composition and Literature I for Multilingual Writers 3 Credits

Students improve both their advanced academic written English and academic writing style through a process of reading fiction and non-fiction and by writing well-organized, coherent essays for academics. Author citation, style, and written fluency and accuracy are addressed within students’ writing. Enrollment is limited to multilingual English speakers; prior academic writing history, English placement testing, and/or ICAPE director’s recommendation determines placement.

WRT 005 Composition and Literature II for Multilingual Writers 3 Credits

Continuation of WRT 003. Students practice more advanced methods and modes of writing for academics, including writing and reading for their specific field of study. Students continue to work on advanced written fluency and accuracy of idiomatic language and expression and are taught advanced methods of author citation and source integration.

WRT 011 Advanced Writing:The Rhetorical Self 3 Credits

Rigorous engagement with rhetorical, stylistic, and design concepts vital to the creation of effective texts in traditional and multimodal formats. Student-driven projects allow for the development of voice and creativity in the presentation of self in academic, public, and personal contexts. The course culminates with a public-facing e-portfolio that showcases communication strengths and that can grow with students over the course of their education.

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