2023-24 Catalog

Technical Research & Communications (TRAC)


TRAC 100 TRAC Writing Fellows Seminar 4 Credits

Training for students entering the TRAC (Technology, Research and Communication) Writing Fellows Program. Explores theory and practice of pedagogy and peer tutoring in three areas: (1) writing and communication; (2) information and the research process; and (3) use of instructional technology. Students also learn about the challenges of teaching writing from the faculty perspective. This course is team-taught by the Director of Writing Across the Curriculum in collaboration with the Director of Faculty Development, librarians, instructional technologists, and others.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

TRAC 110 The Writing Process for TRAC Fellows 1-4 Credits

An intensive immersion in the writing and research process for TRAC Fellows. Reading includes the literature on composition studies, information literacy, collaborative pedagogy, philosophy, rhetoric, and the communication skills and empathy needed for effective peer tutoring. Students design and develop one or more major projects through multiple revisions. Peer workshops, written peer feedback, and face-to-face conferences are included. The final writing project is a substantial reflective essay. All work is assembled into portfolios for feedback and grading.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.
Prerequisites: TRAC 100
Attribute/Distribution: HU

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