2023-24 Catalog

Undergraduate Studies

A listing of undergraduate and graduate courses offered by Lehigh University can be found in the Courses, Programs, and Curricula section, under each departmental heading. For purposes of record, all approved courses are listed. It must be understood, however, that the offerings in any given semester are contingent upon a number of factors, including student needs as determined at the time of registration.


Each course is designated  a credit value of the course in terms of semester hours (“credit hours”).


The course numbering system specifies which courses can be applied to the program of study as the student progresses toward the undergraduate or graduate degree. In general, the numbering series is as follows:

  • 0-99. Courses primarily for freshmen or sophomores. Not available for graduate credit.
  • 100-199. Intermediate-level undergraduate courses. Not open to freshmen except by petition. Not available for graduate credit.
  • 200-299. Advanced undergraduate courses. Courses in the College of Business and specific departments as noted in the listings are open to freshmen and sophomores only with permission. Not available for graduate credit in the major field.
  • 300-399. Advanced undergraduate courses. Same as 200-299, but available for graduate credit in major field.
  • 400-499. Graduate-level courses, open to undergraduates only by petition.


Each instructional department is authorized to offer provisional courses, or those offered on a trial basis, as well as special opportunities courses. Such courses can become a permanent part of the university curriculum. These courses are numbered, as is appropriate, 95-98 . . . 195-198, . . . 295-298, . . . 395-398, for a maximum of two years.


Academic preparation required for admission to courses is indicated under “prerequisites” included at the end of each course description. Prerequisites are stated in most cases for purposes of convenience in terms of Lehigh courses. Academic status required for admission, where numbering does not fully describe this status, is also indicated under “prerequisites.”

A student who does not have the status (e.g., sophomore standing) or the academic preparation set forth as prerequisites may request special consideration.  A student may obtain online permission from the designated college or department officer or demonstrate academic work completed elsewhere meets the prerequisites listed.  Each student is responsible to make sure they meet and maintain all conditions of prerequisite for their coursework prior to the start of classes.  If a student fails to meet a prerequisite after registration for a given course, the college dean's office, Registration & Academic Services, and/or the instructor may take action to drop the student from a course with unmet prerequisites.

In a few cases, co-requisites are indicated. In such instances the co-requisite course is taken in the same semester.


The course descriptions are intended to guide the student in selecting appropriate courses. For reasons of space, descriptions are brief. In most cases, courses will have a significantly broader scope than the topics listed in the description. In some courses, material may change from what is described. If there is doubt concerning the appropriateness of any course for the individual’s educational objectives, it is suggested that the student confer with the adviser.


Whenever possible, course listings contain information indicating what requirements the course satisfies, the semester or semesters in which it is offered, and the name of the scheduled instructor or instructors.

While all information herein is subject to change, the information is included to serve as a guide in the selection of appropriate courses that best fulfill the student’s academic requirements and personal goals.

The symbols following course descriptions for some College of Arts and Sciences courses include:

GC. Courses that meet the Global Citizenship program requirements.
HU. Courses that meet the Humanities distribution requirements.
NS. Courses that meet the Science distribution requirements.
SS. Courses that meet the Social Science distribution requirements.
MA. Courses that meet the Mathematical distribution requirements.
ND. Not designated to meet distribution requirements.

The symbols following course descriptions for some College of Engineering and Applied Science courses include:

ES. This code plus the following number indicates that the course satisfies a number of hours of engineering science requirements for ABET accreditation.

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