2021-22 Catalog

Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)


SOAN 042 (WGSS 042) Sexual Minorities 4 Credits

How minority sexual identities have been the subject of speculation, misunderstanding, and sometimes violent attempts at correction or elimination. Sexual orientation, gender role, including transvestism and "drag", transsexualism, sexism, heterosexism, and homophobia. Emphasis on critical thinking, guest speakers, and discussions.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

SOAN 111 Research Methods and Data Analysis 4 Credits

Research skills in anthropology, sociology and social psychology. Problem formulation; research design; methods and measures; analysis and interpretation of data. Emphasis on the use of statistics in the research process.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

SOAN 120 (ETH 120, HMS 120) Values and Ethics of Community-Engaged Research 4 Credits

The many dimensions of community-engaged research and learning are explored, with special attention to ethical practices, values, research methods, and critical reflection. Experiential and service aspects of the course provide opportunities for students to build skills for social and community change, as well as build capacity for research and critical inquiry.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

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