2023-24 Catalog

Creative Inquiry (CINQ)


CINQ 387 Creative Inquiry Projects 1-6 Credits

Students engage in independent or small-group interdisciplinary creative inquiry projects. Students take on questions and challenges that emerge from their own curiosity, from problems presented by professors, or from compelling needs expressed by local and global partners. Faculty and subject matter experts provide mentoring support as students take radical ownership in their projects and take the risks necessary to solve problems and find answers. Students increase their capacities for independent inquiry and discovery while project outcomes contribute to their portfolios.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.

CINQ 388 Inquiry to Impact Workshops 1 Credit

The Inquiry to Impact Workshops ground students in the CINQ 389 Inquiry to Impact Group Projects course through emphasizing the basics of creative inquiry methods, complex problem-solving, creativity and innovation, design thinking, systems thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, multidisciplinary teamwork and playing by strengths, strategic communications, experimental design and research methods, and other relevant topics. Students participate in weekly workshops followed by small-group discussions related to project themes. Students write structured reflective blogs after each workshop.

CINQ 389 Inquiry to Impact Group Projects 1-6 Credits

Multidisciplinary teams with students, faculty, and external partners pursue creative and innovative answers to societal challenges and open-ended questions. These multi-semester projects span the journey from creative inquiry to sustainable impact with one team handing the baton to another semester by semester. Students develop their competencies for independent inquiry and discovery, multidisciplinary teamwork, design thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, systems thinking, and getting stuff done. The resulting skill sets, mindsets, and portfolio elements prepare students for emergent careers in a rapidly-changing world.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.

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