2019-20 Catalog

Technology & Society (STS)


STS 011 Technology and Human Values 4 Credits

Impact of technology on society in relation to ethical problems raised by the exploitation of technological innovations. Illustrations from history, social studies, philosophy, literature, and film.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 112 Engineering and Society 4 Credits

An examination of the social, political, commercial, and cultural factors that determine the problems engineers are asked to solve as well as the terms of acceptable solutions to those problems. This is a discussion-based course using a mix of books, articles, and videos.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 117 (HIST 117, WGSS 117) Pioneering Women: Women in Science, Medicine and Engineering 4 Credits

This course analyses the careers of professional women in science, medicine and engineering, principally in the United States. It examines historical barriers to training and entry into these professions; cultural stereotypes that shape women’s options; women’s participation in innovation in their fields; their concern for work/life balance; and their contribution to clients and patients, both male and female. It focuses on three locations of professional work: the laboratory, the clinic, and the job site.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 118 (HIST 118, HMS 118) History of Modern Medicine 4 Credits

Introduction to Western medical history from the 18th century to the present day. Students will explore patient/practitioner relationships, examine changing ideas concerning health, sickness, and disease, chart changes in hospital care and medical education, and tackle topics such as eugenics, medical experimentation, and health insurance.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

STS 124 (JOUR 124) Politics of Science 4 Credits

Analysis of the multidimensional interaction between the federal government and the scientific community. Explores historical growth of the science-government connection, the scientific establishment both past and present, and the role of scientific advice to the White House and Congress. Also examines scientific ethics, public attitudes toward science, science-society interactions, and case studies of scientific controversies.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 145 (HIST 145) Introduction to the History of Science 4 Credits

The history of modern science, primarily physical and biological, with emphasis on the development of major theoretical models since the seventeenth century.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 181 Independent Study 1-4 Credits

Consent of program director required. Designation of the course as HU or SS will depend on the instructor and the content of the course.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.
Attribute/Distribution: HU, SS

STS 252 (CSE 252, EMC 252) Computers, the Internet, and Society 3 Credits

An interactive exploration of the current and future role of computers, the Internet, and related technologies in changing the standard of living, work environments, society and its ethical values. Privacy, security, depersonalization, responsibility, and professional ethics; the role of computer and Internet technologies in changing education, business modalities, collaboration mechanisms, and everyday life.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 323 (ES 323, HMS 323, JOUR 323) Health and Environmental Controversies 4 Credits

Exploration of health, and environmental controversies from the perspectives of scientific uncertainty and mass media coverage. Examines genetic engineering, biotechnology, environmental health risks, and nanotechnology. Includes discussion of ethical and social responsibilities and interactions with the public.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 341 Issues in American Competitiveness: At Home and Abroad 4 Credits

Issues affecting American commercial competitiveness focusing on topics associated with the recent emergence of a new commercial environment in all First World societies. Team taught in a highly interactive setting with industry, public sector, and government experts, in addition to academics from various disciplines and institutions. Students read topical articles and books, participate in team projects and debates, and conduct team research on competitiveness issues they have chosen for a term report.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 381 Senior Seminar 4 Credits

In-depth study of selected topics in science, technology, and society with special attention to methodological issues. Subject matter may vary from semester to semester. Intended for STS majors and minors, but open to others. Consent of program director.
Prerequisites: STS 011
Attribute/Distribution: SS

STS 391 Honors Thesis 1 Credit

Preparation for honors research thesis (STS 392). Identification of topic, preliminary compilation of source materials, and preparation of a proposal. Program permission required.
Attribute/Distribution: ND

STS 392 Honors Thesis 3 Credits

Directed undergraduate research thesis required of students who apply and qualify for graduation with program honors.
Prerequisites: (STS 391)
Can be taken Concurrently: STS 391
Attribute/Distribution: ND

STS 481 Readings in Science, Technology and Society 3 Credits

Readings seminar on selected themes and topics in science, technology, and society. May be repeated for credit with permission of the program director.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.