2017-18 Catalog

Communication (COMM)


COMM 030 Media and Society 4 Credits

This introduction to the roles of mass media in U.S. and global society explores a media-saturated society. Students learn how mass media operate in relationship to society, controversies surrounding their activities, social consequences of media behavior, and theories for examining mass media. Upperclassmen allowed only by instructor’s permission.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 040 (ENTP 040) Entrepreneurial Communication for Creative Industries 3 Credits

Explores the evolving culture of social media and related communication strategies and analysis. In depth discussion of tools, technique and tone; digital identity, content, voice and audience; and of managing social media blended with traditional platforms. Practical applications and best practices for multiple methods. Covers all the leading social media platforms, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, guerilla marketing, as well as exploring new emerging platforms. Case discussions with external profit, nonprofit and government practitioners. Students design, execute and evaluate a communication campaign strategy.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 130 Public Speaking 4 Credits

Applying the principles of public speaking to making informative and persuasive presentations effectively. Emphasis on speech composition and effective oral communication skills.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

COMM 135 (JOUR 135, SOC 135) Human Communication 4 Credits

Processes and functions of human communication in relationships and groups.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 143 Persuasion and Influence 4 Credits

The social, symbolic, and rhetorical means of persuasion and how this persuasive influence is expressed in politics, advertising, and the mass media. Students will gain experience in evaluating and creating persuasive communication messages and campaigns.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 160 Public Speaking (for IBE Students) 4 Credits

Applying the principles of public speaking to making informative and persuasive presentations effectively. Emphasis on speech composition and effective oral communication skills. This class is limited to students in the Integrated Business and Engineering Honors Program.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

COMM 220 Public Relations 4 Credits

Study of public relations principles and writing. Ethical, legal and public opinion environments for public relations; development of communication strategies for various audiences, including the mass media. Preparing publicity; planning and conducting news conferences; writing speeches, brochures, newsletters and reports.
Prerequisites: (JOUR 013 or JOUR 023) and (JOUR 014 or JOUR 024)
Attribute/Distribution: ND

COMM 248 (GS 248) Global Communication 4 Credits

This class uses historical and cultural perspectives to study how globalization shapes and is shaped by communication and media structures and processes, with emphasis on journalism, the media industries and popular culture. Topics include: global media industries and media flow, entertainment, media hybridity, development communication and alternative media.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 276 (AAS 276) Media and Race 4 Credits

Considers the role of print, broadcast and new media representations upon social reality. Focuses upon making the connections between information and entertainment media that perpetuate stereotypes and how such stereotypes create dominant, contemporary understandings of various groups. This course is writing intensive.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 277 (AAS 277) Race Representations & News Media 4 Credits

This course examines the representation of racial and ethnic minorities in American media and media outlets globally. It begins with a comparative analysis of majority/minority representations. It further analyzes the impact of such portrayals upon public opinion, public policy, and interpersonal life within the U.S. and aboard. Class discussions and assignments will address the role of print, broadcast and online media in shaping the contemporary dominant understandings of various racial groups in a globalized world and social constructions of reality.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 300 Apprentice Teaching 1-4 Credits

COMM 325 Special Topics In Communication 1-4 Credits

Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 327 Mass Communication and Society 4 Credits

A review of theories and research on the relationship of mass communication to social processes. Intensive analysis of selected media products (e.g., TV news, dramas, and sitcoms; films; print; music videos, etc.).
Prerequisites: SOC 001 or ANTH 001
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 331 Business and Professional Speaking 4 Credits

The principals of oral communication as applied to business and professional situations. Professional presentations, small group interaction and interpersonal communtication in the business setting.
Attribute/Distribution: ND

COMM 375 (AAS 375) Global Media and Culture 4 Credits

Cultural Studies investigates dominant understandings; issues of identity and experience; and society. A Cultural Studies approach to understanding representations of difference in global media. Focus will center upon the role of media in shaping the contemporary dominant understandings of various groups in a globalized world; introductions to philosophies and theories that function as fundamental texts on the relationship between media, social life and human behavior; and the ways in which media socially construct a new, globalized reality.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

COMM 376 (AAS 376, WGSS 376) New Media, Race and Gender 4 Credits

This class explores the relationship among race, gender and new media. It examines depictions of racial minorities and women online; how users access and use new media across race and gender (including a look at the digital divide); and differences in use of social media websites across race and gender. The goal is for students to understand how existing racial and gender categorizations are/are not transmitted to the online community and do/do not become extensions of present social hierarchy.
Attribute/Distribution: SS