2019-20 Catalog

Documentary Storymaking (DOC)


DOC 102 (COMM 102, FILM 102) The Sports Documentary 4 Credits

The sports documentary has become an increasingly important form of media. Through the sports documentary, some of society’s most significant concerns are portrayed and discussed, including issues of race, gender, terrorism, inequality and more. Too, the sports documentary has adapted to various media, from film to television to online, from the multi-volume work of Ken Burns to ESPN’s “30 for 30.” This course examines and critiques the social, cultural, political and economic implications of the sports documentary in contemporary culture.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

DOC 150 (FILM 150) Introduction to Documentary Storymaking 4 Credits

An introduction to digital documentary storymaking, merging critical study of documentary media with hands-on construction of documentary stories. Working with tools of the documentary arts—video, still images, audio, writing—students will acquire foundational skills of media production and effective storytelling while absorbing and analyzing rich examples of documentary storytelling over time and place. The course surveys traditions and issues in documentary media and introduces documentary practices and methods.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

DOC 250 (FILM 250) Legal and Ethical Issues in Documentary Practice 4 Credits

Explores the legal and ethical issues associated with documenting people, places, events, and situations. In so doing, we will consider how documentary films construct and represent truth, the nature of documentarians’ relationships with, and ethical obligations towards, their subjects, and how these questions inform other documentary practices. Topics discussed will include the impact of copyright law on documentary practice and best practices in fair use for documentary filmmakers.
Prerequisites: DOC 150 or FILM 150
Attribute/Distribution: HU

DOC 370 (FILM 370) Capstone in Documentary Storymaking 4 Credits

Synthesizes course of study across the Documentary Storymaking Minor and solidifies learning in a collaborative documentary project. Course is required to complete Documentary Storymaking Minor. The Capstone is a workshop-based experience that guides students through the design, planning, field research, production, and completion of a substantial documentary media project that results in a public presentation of their most advanced work. Production will be informed and enhanced by class discussion of selected readings, screenings, relevant theories and practices in documentary.

DOC 425 Documentary Film Seminar 3 Credits

This course examines documentary film and its power to interpret and represent our contemporary world and its past. An exploration of the genre’s origins and its development into a powerful medium for public history and protest, this course will focus on documentary filmmaking’s strong social justice tradition. Through assigned readings, film screenings, and postings, we will explore the forms, strategies and conventions of documentary film.

DOC 433 (AMST 433) Documentary Film Production 3 Credits

An independent study mode of course awarding credit for the production of a 30-minute documentary film that meets two standards: 1) high production value, and 2) scholarly content based on detailed research and driven by critical analysis.