2016-17 Catalog

Arts (ARTS)


ARTS 097 Great Books I:Human Cond 3 Credits

ARTS 250 Communications, Cultures, Behaviors and Attitudes 4 Credits

Writing-intensive experiential focus on communications, development of social roles and life skills required for effective functioning in a changing society in America and globally. Models of group processes; small group projects; communications; critical thinking and its application to course content; cognitive processes in handling individual differences in race, gender, class, religion, disabilities, sexual harassment, religions of the world, sexual orientation, and culture; synthesis of class experiences with readings and discussions; and social role implications on choices. The application of lessons learned in the course to real life situations such as structured fieldwork will be required in addition to in class work. As part of the “hands-on” experience, students will be required to provide regular written and oral reports of activity and then write a detailed analysis/assessment report of particular issues and lessons learned. Students may not receive credit for both Arts 250 and Comm 65.

ARTS 298 Special Topics 1-4 Credits

Prerequisites: COMM 065 or ARTS 250

ARTS 300 Apprentice Teaching 3 Credits

ARTS 490 Thesis (Moc) 1 Credit

Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.

ARTS 499 Dissertation (Moc) 1 Credit

Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.