2016-17 Catalog

Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN)


SOAN 041 (WGSS 041) Human Sexuality 4 Credits

Sexuality and gender roles across the life cycle, including human reproduction, decision-making, and the societal regulation of sexual behavior.
Attribute/Distribution: ND

SOAN 042 (WGSS 042) Sexual Minorities 4 Credits

How minority sexual identities have been the subject of speculation, misunderstanding, and sometimes violent attempts at correction or elimination. Sexual orientation, gender role, including transvestism and "drag", transsexualism, sexism, heterosexism, and homophobia. Emphasis on critical thinking, guest speakers, and discussions.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

SOAN 111 Research Methods and Data Analysis 4 Credits

Research skills in anthropology, sociology and social psychology. Problem formulation; research design; methods and measures; analysis and interpretation of data. Emphasis on the use of statistics in the research process.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

SOAN 112 Development Of Social Theory 4 Credits

This course introduces some of the most influential theoretical ideas in sociology. It focuses on understanding the differences among several classical theoretical traditions and their strengths and weaknesses in analyzing societies. It also helps students learn to apply social theory to contemporary sociological research and problems, learning the ways theory can be used to answer questions and problems societies face today.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

SOAN 381 Development of Social Theory 4 Credits

Comparative study of social theory.
Attribute/Distribution: SS