2023-24 Catalog

Joint International Relations and Economics Major

This major combines international economics, which is the study of markets and economic policy, with international political economy, which studies international institutions and the interactions of states with those institutions and each other, motivated by trade-offs among economic goals and considerations of power, national security, and citizen welfare.   Study of economic theory, as well as institutional arrangements, allows students to understand consequences for the world economy, including political and distributional consequences.

Program Advisors:   
Professor Dinissa Duvanova, International Relations Department,
Professor Mary Anne Madeira, International Relations Department,
Professor Frank R. Gunter, Economics Department

Collateral course in Mathematics:
Any one of the following courses:
MATH 021Calculus I4
MATH 031Honors Calculus I4
MATH 051Survey of Calculus I4
MATH 075
MATH 076
Calculus I, Part A
and Calculus I, Part B
MATH 081Calculus with Business Applications I4
Required Courses (60-61 credits), as follows:
Introductory courses (2 courses/8 credits)
ECO 001Principles of Economics4
IR 010Introduction to World Politics4
IR Core Courses (4 courses/16 credits)
IR 100Methods and Research Design4
IR 225 International Political Economy4
Any two of the following courses:
IR 1054
IR 234Great Power Politics4
IR 210Foreign Policy4
IR 220Globalization and World Politics4
IR 223Work & Labor in a Global Economy4
IR 235International Security4
IR 236Causes of War4
IR 237National Security: The Military Instrument of Foreign Policy4
IR 245International Organization4
Economics Core Courses (3 courses/9 credits)
ECO 045Statistical Methods3
ECO 146Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis3
ECO 119Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis3
Advanced courses in IR (2 courses/8 credits)
Chosen from any IR courses 300-387 or 393
Advanced courses in Economics (2 courses/6 credits)
ECO 234The Economics of Gender and Race3
ECO 303Economic Development3
ECO 304Economic Growth3
ECO 311Environmental Economics3
ECO 338International Economics3
ECO 339International Trade3
ECO 340International Finance3
ECO 342Economic Development in China3
ECO 345Political Economy of Iraq3
Electives (4 courses/13-14 credits)
At least one course chosen from IR 200-387 or 393
At least two courses chosen from ECO 200+ except ECO 201, 259, 273, 274, 301, 362, 371 and 389
The fourth may be from either of the two above categories.
Recommended Economics electives:
Microfinance: Financial Inclusion for the Poor
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
International Trade
International Finance
Economic Development in China
Political Economy of Iraq
Recommended IR electives:
Political Economy of North-South Relations
Economic Relations of Advanced Industrial Societies
Poverty and Development
Political Economy of Industrialization and Development
International Politics of Oil

Majors in this program may NOT minor or major in either Economics or IR

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