2021-22 Catalog


Biology, life science, and related courses at Lehigh University are offered in a variety of settings that reflect the various levels of organization in life science and different orientations relating to areas of application. The College of Arts and Sciences offers degree programs in Behavioral Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, and Molecular Biology. The P. C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science offers a degree program in Bioengineering. Refer to the catalog entries below for complete descriptions.

Major and Minor Programs Catalog Entry
Behavioral Neuroscience (BA or BS) Biological Sciences
Biochemistry Biochemistry (BS only)
Bioengineering (BS only) Bioengineering
Biology (BA or BS) Biological Sciences
Earth and Environmental Science Earth and Environmental Sciences
Molecular Biology (BA or BS) Biological Sciences

Courses related to life science interest can be found under the catalog entries above as well as in other departments, including Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology and Anthropology

Professors. Michael J. Behe, PhD (University of Pennsylvania); R. Michael Burger, PhD (University of Texas at Austin); Lynne U. Cassimeris, PhD (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Matthias M. Falk, PhD (University of Heidelberg); Wonpil Im, PhD (Cornell University); M. Kathryn Iovine, PhD (Washington University); Linda J. Lowe-Krentz, PhD (Northwestern University); Jill E. Schneider, PhD (Wesleyan University); Neal G. Simon, PhD (Rutgers University); Robert V. Skibbens, PhD (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill); Jennifer Swann, PhD (Northwestern University); Nathaniel N. Urban, PhD (University of Pittsburgh); Vassie C. Ware, PhD (Yale University)

Associate Professors. Julie Haas, PhD (Boston University); Michael R. Kuchka, PhD (Carnegie Mellon University); Gregory I. Lang, PhD (Harvard University); Michael J. Layden, PhD (University of Oregon); Julie M. Miwa, PhD (Rockefeller University); Amber M. Rice, PhD (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); David C. Zappulla, PhD (State University of NY at Stony Brook)

Assistant Professors. Daniel Babcock, PhD (University Texas Houston); Santiago Herrera, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Johanna E. Kowalko, PhD (Harvard University); Wynn Meyer, PhD (University of Chicago)

Professor Of Practice. Lawrence Tartaglia, PhD (University of Florida)

Emeriti. David L. Cundall, PhD (University of Arkansas); Murray Itzkowitz, PhD (University of Maryland); Steven Krawiec, PhD (Yale University); John G. Nyby, PhD (University of Texas at Austin); Hayden N. Pritchard, PhD (Lehigh University); Jeffrey A. Sands, PhD (The Pennsylvania State University)

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