2024-25 Catalog

Interdisciplinary Graduate Study and Research

Lehigh’s interdisciplinary research centers and institutes address the research needs of government, industry, and society. Organized to recognize research efforts in interdisciplinary problem areas, they supplement the university’s academic departments. Graduate students pursuing M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in academic departments, as well as students enrolled in interdisciplinary degree programs, may pursue research opportunities in the various centers.

A complete listing of research centers, institutes, and other research organizations appears following the section on interdisciplinary graduate programs.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Degrees

In addition to offering graduate degrees within academic departments, Lehigh University offers interdisciplinary graduate degrees in the fields of American studies, business administration and educational leadership, business administration and engineering, catastrophe modeling and resilience, data science, energy systems engineering, environmental policy design, financial engineering,  photonics, polymer science and engineering, and technical entrepreneurship.

Dual Degree Programs

Graduate students are also welcome to pursue a dual master’s degree. Students must complete the requirements for both degrees.  Course overlap between the two degrees is possible; although a minimum of an additional 15 credits beyond the first master’s degree is required.    Lehigh offers the following structured dual degree programs:

MEd in Educational Leadership and MBA (Master’s of Business Administration)

MBA and MS/MEng in Engineering

MBA and MPH (Master’s of Public Health)

Certificate Programs

Lehigh University also offers graduate certificate programs in certain specialized fields of study. Graduate certificates consist of a minimum of twelve credits, at least six of which must be at the 400-level. Such certificates are specific to Lehigh and do not constitute official certification, as might be required to be employed professionally. Students are admitted to certificate programs in the same way as to degree programs. More specific information on admission criteria and completion requirements are available from certificate program administrators.


Teaching assistantships and fellowships are provided by individual academic departments, while research assistantships are available through both academic departments and research centers. Students interested in research are encouraged to seek appointments with members of the faculty working in their areas of special interest, with department chairpersons, or with center or institute directors.

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