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Study Abroad Office

Katie Welsh Radande, Director; Katy Rene, Assistant Director; Jodeen Gemmel, Advisor; Brian Wasserman, Advisor;  Isaiah Allekotte, Advisor; Corinna Cuevas, Coordinator

32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall, Room 110, Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-3351;  Fax (610) 758-5156


Lehigh University recommends international study.  We support programs that offer rigorous academic environments, immersion in host cultures, and opportunities for personal growth.  Students should return to Lehigh with an enhanced ability to appreciate global concerns.

Every student who studies abroad has different reasons and goals.  High priorities for many students include developing sophisticated perspectives on global economic, social, and political issues, seeing the theoretical come to life in a real-world context, learning a new language, engaging with people and cultures different from their own, developing valuable career skills, and earning academic credit toward a Lehigh degree.  Many students find that study abroad is a catalyst for intellectual and personal growth.

The Study Abroad Office conducts extensive advising activities, guiding students through the process of identifying programs that fit personal and academic goals; group and individual advising sessions take place regularly.  Study Abroad options exist for all majors and can take place Freshman through Senior year.  Students should start discussing study abroad options with their academic advisor and the Study Abroad Office as early as Freshman year.


Lehigh approves over 250 semester and year-long programs of academic study in over 60 countries.  The programs are evaluated by faculty in order to ensure high academic quality and immersion in host cultures.  Academic credit is given for programs approved by Lehigh faculty only.  Students must receive a 'C' or better for credit to transfer.  Grades earned on semester and year programs are not factored into the student's GPA.  Semester study abroad may include a combination of traditional coursework along with credit-bearing internships, research, or service learning.

Summer and Winter TERM Study Abroad

Lehigh offers several faculty-led summer and winter term study abroad courses.  Past programs have included: Business and Music in Belgium; Business in Prague; Microfinance Abroad in various locations; Art and Architecture in Vicenza; History in Paris; Internships and Language in Shanghai; Sustainable Development in Costa Rica; Architecture in Munich; Research Practicum in Ireland.  Several options include internship opportunities for credit in addition to coursework.  Lehigh credit and grades are applied to a student's transcript and are factored into the student's GPA.

Additional International Experiences

Lehigh offers additional short-term international experiences such as International Internships, ServeAbroad Antigua, Choir, Engineers without Borders (EWB), Philharmonic, Interfaith Dialogue: Lehigh in Rome, Athletics Leadership in Croatia, and others.

To view all program options and begin planning for a Study Abroad Experience, visit global.lehigh.edu/studyabroad.

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