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Resources for Students

The Student Affairs division is dedicated to fostering student success by providing a balanced, rich and integrated living and learning environment. Virtually every student enrolled is touched by Student Affairs, beginning with orientation through the Office of First-Year Experience, and continuing through programs devoted to leadership development, community service, residential life, activities, academic support, a vibrant campus life and diversity and inclusion programs. Students are supported through the Health and Wellness Center and Counseling and Psychological Services which collectively work to ensure a safe and healthy living environment. I encourage you to visit our departmental websites to learn more about each of these areas. 

To learn more about all the resources for students Lehigh University please view the following:

Student Handbook Resources http://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/content/university-resources

Student Affairs http://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/

Dean of Students http://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/dos

Counseling and Psychological Services http://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/counseling

Health and Wellness Center http://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/health

Lehigh University Police Department https://police.lehigh.edu/

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services, in the Dean of Students Office, supports and enhances Lehigh University's educational mission and its commitment to maintaining an inclusive and equitable community by providing equal access and reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended (ADAAA) and Section 504  of the Rehabilitation Act  of 1973.

 Services for students with  documented disabilities  are coordinated by Disability Support Services (610-758-4152), often in conjunction with various other campus departments such as Residential Services, Facilities Services, and Transportation and Parking Services. Students requesting accommodations must present the University with current and comprehensive documentation. For more information refer to our website at: http://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/disabilities

Health & Wellness Center

Lehigh  University offers health services to all (matriculating) students at the Health & Wellness Center (HWC) located in Johnson Hall. Health care providers, including nurses, and nurse practitioners and physicians, see patients by appointment  Monday to Friday from 8:15-4:45.  Our providers are also available for phone consultation after hours and on weekends.

The providers at the HWC  treat a variety of illnesses , injuries and medical conditions. Gynecologic care is available daily for both preventative care services and treatment.  Allergy immunotherapy  injections are also administered at the HWC .  Many lab tests are run at the HWC and phlebotomy services are available on certain days.  Students can be easily referred off campus for  x-rays and consultations with medical and surgical specialists.  More seriously ill students can be sent to either of our local hospital Emergency Departments.

Incoming students must comply with University immunization requirements.  A  university sponsored health insurance plan is available which complements the services of the HWC.  Families are urged to review their existing insurance coverage and limitations and to consider purchasing the university sponsored plan.  Students should carry their insurance cards with them at all times.

Most services performed at the HWC are without charge.  For more detailed information about this and other things,  please consult our web page at www.lehigh.edu/health.

Counseling and Psychological Service

The University Counseling and Psychological Service, at 610-758-3880, is located on the fourth floor of Johnson Hall. The office is open from 8:00 - 5:00, Monday through Friday with reception service available from 8:15am to 4:45pm. Most services are free of charge. Counselors are available for 24-hour emergency consultations (see Crisis Intervention below).

  1. Philosophy & Mission
    The University Counseling and Psychological Service (UCPS) is dedicated to the belief that a person’s college years are a time of challenge, inquiry, experimentation, productivity and change. Services are designed to help students not only manage crises, but to thrive in meaningful ways . . to grow in self-understanding in order to make more satisfying and better use of their personal and interpersonal resources. Individual contacts, group therapy, faculty and staff consultation, and numerous outreach activities are some of the primary means by which the mission is accomplished. UCPS staff members are committed to providing assistance to all registered Lehigh students interested in personal, social, and academic growth and discovery, and to serving the larger campus community through consultation, teaching, research, and various other types of involvement.
  2. Direct Services
    To accomplish its mission, and while upholding the established state and APA (American Psychological Association) ethical principles and code of conduct for psychologists, the UCPS provides a variety of services to the Lehigh University community including:
    • Crisis Intervention Services (On call 24/7 at 610 758 3880 and select #0)
    • Group and Individual Psychotherapy
    • Peak Performance
    • Outreach Programming
    • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Consultation Services
    • Training
    • Advocacy

More information can be found at: http://studentaffairs.lehigh.edu/counseling

Career and Professional Development

One function of a college education is to foster the growth and development of the student to prepare for a meaningful and satisfying life after college. Lehigh provides career planning services for undergraduate and graduate students as an integral part of the career development process.

Career planning can best be described as an educational process through which students

  1. identify and develop their abilities, aptitudes, and interests;
  2. learn the relationship between their capabilities and interests, their university experiences, and professional opportunities outside the university; and
  3. prepare for those opportunities.

The office is open throughout the year. The main phone number is (610)-758-3710 and the website is www.lehigh.edu/careerservices.

Office of Fellowship Advising

The Office of Fellowship Advising (OFA) assists Lehigh students who are applying for competitive national fellowships and scholarships. It publicizes opportunities, oversees the selection of candidates for awards that require university nomination and, with the assistance of fellowship advisors, guides students through the frequently complicated application procedures. 

The OFA web-site (https://ofa.lehigh.edu/) contains a searchable database of a wide variety of fellowships and scholarships for students research  The database includes inks to the foundations’ official sites, deadlines, and a general descriptions. Other resources and information on the application process are provided on the website as well.

Students who are interested in applying for awards and faculty members working with motivated, well-qualified students are encouraged to email the Office of Fellowship Advising at ofa@lehigh.edu

Center for Community Engagement

The Lehigh University Center for Community Engagement (CCE) assists Lehigh’s faculty, staff, and students who are involved with service-learning classes or community-based research projects globally and locally, mobilizes university-community partnerships to address societal challenges, promotes knowledge and research for the common good, and helps cultivate engaged citizens.  We are a centralized resource for all community members to support high-quality research, learning, and active citizenship.

The Center for Community Engagement offers a variety of resources from one-on-one consulting to workshops and courses to faculty development and evaluation/assessment support.  A number of courses, such as SOAN/HMS 120: Values and Ethics of Community-Engaged Research, also offer formalized training in community-engaged research. Finally, the center can be a sounding board in the early stages of any project to ensure reciprocal, ethical, and meaningful experiences for our community and our institution. A yearly community-engaged learning and research symposium is held to highlight exceptional academic learning, community partnerships, and research collaborations.

The Center for Community Engagement is located in Williams Hall 020 and has space for meetings, informal discussion, and computer workstations for those working on community projects. Contact via email at inengage@lehigh.edu or via phone 610-758-1081. The website is accessible at: http://cce.lehigh.edu/.

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