2020-21 Catalog

International Internships

Carol S. Strange, Director 
32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall, Room 100A, Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-3467

Michelle Spada, Assistant Director
32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall, Room 101, Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-3515



IACOCCA International Internship program

There are many opportunities for Lehigh University students to gain hands-on experience in an international setting.  For a complete listing, please refer to the Study Abroad website.  Lehigh University’s Iacocca International Internship Program, as referenced here, specifically relates to a program that provides students with fully-funded fellowships to participate in internship, research, or practicum experiences in organizations around the world.  The program provides full-time, non-credit bearing experiences that run for six to twelve weeks over the summer, allowing for a true cultural immersion.  For more information, please visit global.lehigh.edu/internships

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