2021-22 Catalog

Transfer Credit

Transfer of credit from other institutions is the responsibility of Registration & Academic Services. Any students planning to take work at other institutions in the United States or elsewhere should initially check with Registration & Academic Services on policies and procedures. Full time students may not be concurrently enrolled at any other institution, except for the LVAIC Consortium cross registered courses, without the advanced approval of the Committee on Standing of Students. Transfer of grades from institutions other than the LVAIC System is not possible.

  • Pass/Fail credit/non-credit courses are not acceptable for transfer.
  • Courses taken at a two year or four year institution where a grade lower than a “C” has been earned will not transfer. (“C-” or below will not transfer)
  • Transfer courses may not be used to delete a prior grade from one’s cumulative grade point average at Lehigh University. Transfer grades are NOT calculated in the Lehigh GPA.
  • No student may receive more credit at Lehigh than was granted at the original institution. Courses taken on the quarter system will have credit granted on a 3-2 ratio, no partial credit will be awarded. Courses taken abroad on the ECTS credit system will transfer on 2-1 ratio. The student will receive credit equivalent to the number of credits indicated on the transcript, up to the number of credits for the equivalent course at Lehigh. Registration & Academic Services has the final authority for the amount of credit awarded toward a Lehigh degree.
  • No credit will be granted for a course in which the student has already received credit for its equivalent at Lehigh.
  • No credit will be granted for continuing education units courses, correspondence, independent study or any course less than 3 weeks and/or 15 contact hours per credit without the advanced approval of a petition to the Standing of Students Committee.
  • Courses must be taken at an institution that is accredited by one of the six regional associations.

Transfer Credit for High School Dual Enrollment Programs:

Credit for courses completed through high school dual enrollment programs will be awarded only if a course is regularly offered by an accredited two-year or four-year college or university and a majority of the students in the course were candidates for a degree at that college or university. Eligible coursework must also meet the transfer credit policies noted above. Additional verification paperwork is required to begin the transfer credit process.

Students who completed dual enrollment courses that do not fall under the above credit rules may pursue Advanced Placement exams prior to enrolling at Lehigh University, or may consider anticipatory exams during orientation for eligible subject areas.

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