2024-25 Catalog

Eligibility for Degree

Candidates for a baccalaureate degree must achieve a minimum cumulative average of 2.00.

To be eligible for a degree, a student must not only have completed all of the scholastic requirements for the degree, but also must have paid all university fees, and in addition all bills for the rental of rooms in the residence halls or in other university housing facilities. Payment also must have been made for damage to university property or equipment, or for any other indebtedness for scholarship loans or for loans from trust funds administered by the university.

Responsibility for meeting academic requirements.

Each student is solely responsible for his or her progress toward meeting specific requirements for graduation.  Academic advisers, department chairs and the associate deans staff are available to assist the student.  It is strongly recommended that the student specifically consult with his or her adviser prior to the senior year to ascertain eligibility for the degree for which he or she desires to qualify and to determine that all program and hour requirements are met.

A student degree audit is available 24/7 via the online student information system for all undergraduate students. Students should review their audit before registering for each semester, including each in their senior year. The degree audit is provided as a tool to aid in advising and to track academic progress and degree completion. The student degree audit attempts to note all program deficiencies based on real-time academic history and current registration information. However, each student is responsible for the completion of all graduation requirements as outlined in the University catalog.

Final date for completion of requirements.

For graduation, all requirements, scholastic and financial, must be satisfied no later than noon, the Friday preceding the degree award date.

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