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Overload approval requirements vary by GPA and entry into the University. The following special approvals are required for course rosters (including ranges produced by the drop/add process) that exceed the appropriate normal range. 

1) A load exceeding 17 credits is an overload for first semester students and for students with a GPA below 2.5. Exceeding 18 credits is an overload for all other students. Unless the normal departmental program requires more credits, required overload approvals by grade point average are:

Student Status                                                                 Overloads of:

First semester students:                                               Up to 19, Associate Dean

                                                                                                More than 19, SOS

GPA below 2.5:                                                                 Up to 18, Associate Dean

                                                                                               More than 18, SOS

GPA between 2.5 and 3.5:                                           Up to 19, Associate Dean

                                                                                              More than 19, SOS

GPA above 3.5                                                                 Up to 20, Associate Dean

                                                                                              More than 20, SOS

2) Overload approval will not be granted for the purpose of repeating a course.

3) No overload approval will be granted in a semester where the student is enrolled in a graduate course.

4) Any course(s) approved for overload cannot be added until after the end of the normal (three week) registration period. Space in a course cannot be reserved for students intending to add the course as an overload. 

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