2023-24 Catalog

Graduation Honors

Honors are awarded by vote of the university faculty to those students who have earned a minimum of 90 credit hours in residence at Lehigh University or in programs approved by the faculty to have grades and credit accepted toward the undergraduate degree. Graduation honors are awarded as follows:

Honors: 3.40

High Honors: 3.60

Highest Honors: 3.80

For the purposes of graduation honors calculations, courses taken more than once at Lehigh will only have the most recent grade used in the calculation. Courses taken under the cross-registration policy of the LVAIC and the Washington Semester program will be used.

Students who spend part of their career at another institution, or are transfer admits to degree programs, must have at least sixty earned credit hours of regularly graded (not pass/fail) courses that meet the residency requirement in order to be eligible for graduation honors.

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