2023-24 Catalog

Estimate of Expense for Undergraduates

Principally three areas of income support the operating expense of Lehigh University: tuition and fees, endowment earnings, and gifts and grants. The university is conscious that educational costs are significant and it strives to maintain a program of high quality instruction while recognizing that there are limitations on what families can afford to pay. Costs will vary somewhat from student to student depending upon the various options chosen.

Tuition, Room, and Board

There are three major plans that cover the major expense associated with university attendance. These are as follows:

The Tuition Plan

The university provides comprehensive academic and student services under its tuition plan. The tuition sum is inclusive of most athletic events, basic treatments in the Health Center, libraries, and laboratory services. A technology fee of $530 is charged to all full-time students. An additional $790 fee is charged to all students enrolled in the College of Engineering and Applied Science or with a declared major in natural science. The full-time tuition rate is charged to students enrolled in twelve or more credit hours per semester. For students enrolled in less than twelve credit hours, tuition is charged on a per-credit-hour basis.

University Housing Plan

A variety of living arrangements are available. The university provides housing for approximately 2,850 students on campus in a wide selection of residence facilities and approximately 625 students in fraternity and sorority housing. The housing arrangements are grouped within four basic categories, with rates associated with the category level. First and second year students are required to reside in university housing. Second year students may choose residence hall or Greek housing options.

University Meal Plan

Nine meal plans are available. First year residents are required to participate in the Category 1A Meal Plan or one of the Category I Meal Plans. Upper-class students living in a traditional or suite-style residence hall are required to participate in the Category 1A Meal Plan or one of the Category I or II Meal Plans. Students residing in a fraternity or sorority are expected to participate in their house meal plan but also have the option to choose any of the university plans offered. Students residing in campus apartments or any off-campus facilities are not required to participate in a meal plan but have the option to choose any of the plans offered.

Most meal plan includes Dining Dollars. This pre-paid declining balance account was designed for maximum flexibility and convenience and can be used at most dining locations on campus to further increase your purchasing options.

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