2023-24 Catalog

Cost of Attendance

Tuition, Room, and Board charges are listed for the academic year (fall and spring semesters) with one-half charged for each semester. Other Fees are typically charged per occurrence.

Tuition, 2023-2024 $61,180
Technology Fee $530
Student Activity Fee $260
Wellness Fee $210
University Housing
Category I (Dravo, Drinker, Centennial I & II, McClinticMarshall, Richards, Taylor) $9,680
Category II (All Greek Houses, Houses 87, 88, 90, 93, UMOJA, Warren Square) $10,370
Category III (Brodhead House, Singleton, Hitch, Maida) $10,770
Category IV (Farrington Square, Sayre Park Village, Trembley Park) $11,260

NOTE: The above University Housing rates are based on multiple occupancy.

Meal Plans

The number of meals specified is per semester.

Carte Blanche including $200 Dining Dollars $7,460
225 Block Plan any 225 meals per semester including $600 Dining Dollars $6,790
200 Block Plan any 200 meals per semester including $700 Dining Dollars $6,790
175 Block Plan and 175 meals per semester including $900 Dining Dollars $6,790
150 Block Plan any 150 meals per semester including $300 Dining Dollars) $5,960
125 Block Plan any 125 meals per semester including $500 Dining Dollars $5,960
75 Block Plan any 75 meals per semester including $500 Dining Dollars) $3,620
50 Block Plan any 50 meals per semester including $500 Dining Dollars ) $2,830
The Dining Dollars $1,000 Dining Dollars) $1,000

Based upon the above charges, most first-year students are normally billed the tuition rate, technology fee, student activity fee and wellness fee along with the Category I  room fee and a Category I meal plan. The total cost for the four areas would be $78,650 for the 2023-24 academic year.

Other Fees

(applied to prevailing circumstances)

Tuition charge per credit for part-time status or audit $2,550
Engineering and Science Fee per year (for specified students) $790
Course Materials Fee $750
Application fee (for undergraduate admission consideration) $75
Late pre-registration (assigned to all fulltime students who do not select their full class load during the designated period each term) $100
Late registration $100
Late application for degree $50
Examination makeup (after first scheduled makeup) $25
Late payment (after announced date) $200
Returned check fine $35
Key/lock change (lost or non-return), room door, residence halls/sorority $75
Identification card (replacement) $30

The university reserves the right at any time to amend or add charges and fees, as appropriate, to meet current requirements.

Other Expenses

A student should plan to meet various other expenses. If a student chooses to opt out of Learning Unlimited, these expenses may include the purchase of books and supplies from The Lehigh Store, located in Farrington Square. Beginning fall 2023, Lehigh will be piloting a new course materials program, Learning Unlimited, that will reduce the cost of course materials for undergraduate students and ensure they have all their materials across all courses prior to the first day of class. This is a three-year pilot program expected to reduce the cost of course materials by approximately 50%. A student should plan allowance to handle personal and travel expenses.

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