2020-21 Catalog

Billing and Payments

Billing statements are available online for both the student and any person the student authorizes. Semester billing statements are available approximately six weeks prior to the start of each semester. Payments are due as follows: Fall semester by the first business day of August, Spring semester by the first business day of January, and all Summer Sessions five days prior to the start of classes.  If registration occurs after bills are issued, payment is still due prior to the start of classes. Accounts not settled by the due date are subject to a late payment fee.

Persons desiring a payment plan can elect participation in the university’s educational payment plan which provides for the payment of tuition, room, and board over four months per semester. Deadlines to participate are July 1st for Fall Semester and December 1st for Spring Semester.

The university also offers a plan under which enrolled undergraduate students can pre-pay more than one year of tuition. Enrollment period is through June to lock in the following academic year tuition rate. Complete information is available from the Bursar’s Office.

Students attending the university under a provision with a state board of assistance or with financial aid from other outside agencies must provide complete information to the Bursar’s Office if assistance is to be recognized to avoid late payment fees.

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