2023-24 Catalog

Admission and Deposit

Lehigh is a partner of the Common Application and Coalition Application. Lehigh is only accepting the Common Application for applicants for Fall 2023 and will resume accepting the Coalition Application for applicants for Fall 2024. To see all of our requirements and forms, visit the Application Requirements page. Any additional or missing documents should be submitted through the LU FileSender. If you experience any issues or have questions please check our FAQs first; if you still have questions please reach out to the Office of Admissions at admissions@lehigh.edu or 610-758-3100.

Once your application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you designated in the application platform. If it has been more than seven business days since you submitted your application and you have not received a confirmation email, please contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@lehigh.edu or (610) 758-3100. In your email, please include your full name, address, and date of birth you provided in your application.


The course work or units required for admission represent the equivalent of the usual four-year college preparatory curriculum. Minimum course work requirements can be misleading since most students who gain admission to Lehigh University exceed the minimum requirements. Below you will find the minimum requirements as well as recommended course work.

Minimum Requirements

English: 4
Foreign Languages1: 2
Social Science: 2
Laboratory Science: 2
College Preparatory Mathematics2: 3

Recommended Course work

English: 4
Foreign Languages1: 2
Social Science: 3
Laboratory Science: 3
College Preparatory Mathematics2: 4

1  Only in exceptional cases, and for otherwise well-qualified candidates, will the Committee on Admissions waive the Foreign Language requirement for admission to any one of the three undergraduate colleges.

2 We recommend candidates for the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science and College of Business pursue a math curriculum that includes calculus.

While there are many elements that go into Lehigh’s holistic application review, the Committee on Admissions will be aware of things such as (in no particular order):

  • The difficulty of courses taken with special attention given to courses recognized as accelerated by national academic organizations
  • Rank or relative rank in class
  • The student’s grades within the context of the school environment (Alternative grading methods being utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic will be honored in the same manner as the school’s traditional grading scale.)
  • Evidence of improvement or deterioration in grades during the secondary school career with particular attention paid to performance in senior year courses
  • The quality of performance in courses that relate to the student’s anticipated area of study
  • Comments and recommendations from the principal, headmaster, guidance counselor, teachers, or other professional educators within the school system
  • Extra-curricular/work experience with particular emphasis placed on demonstrated leadership
  • Demonstrated interest in Lehigh University

Admissions decisions are final and will be posted online via the Applicant Portal for each student. An admitted student in the Regular Decision round may secure a place in the entering class by notifying the university that he or she intends to enroll at Lehigh and by submitting the appropriate non-refundable enrollment deposit via the Lehigh Portal by May 1. A student admitted through the Early Decision rounds must submit notification and deposit by the date indicated in his or her admission letter. This fee is applicable towards the fall-term bill. Students who do not attend will forfeit their deposit.

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