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Graduate Certificates in Intercollegiate Programs

Certificates in Data Science & Financial Analytics, Quantitative Risk Management or Financial Operations Research are available to Lehigh graduate students, provided prerequisites are met.  Students may meet with any Program Director listed below to select their certificate choice upon enrollment in a graduate degree program.  

Certificate programs enhance skills and development by allowing additional exploration in three main functional areas.  


1. Data Science & Financial Analytics (DSFA)  Certificate

Students develop a unique skill set preparing them for careers in the interdisciplinary field of Data Science and Financial Analytics, with particular application to the financial services industry. Skills developed include working with massive data sets, data-driven analytical methodologies, SAS and R programming, Data Mining, and Machine Learning.

Curriculum: (12 credits)
ISE 465Applied Data Mining (Required)3
MATH 312Statistical Computing and Applications (Required)3,4
One of the two courses below:
ISE 467 (OR)3
ISE 444Optimization Methods in Machine Learning3
One of the two data-intensive finance courses below:
GBUS 422Derivatives and Risk Management (OR)3
GBUS 424Advanced Topics in Financial Management (Risk Management)3

2.  Quantitative Risk Management (QRM) Certificate

Students are trained in the quantitative methodologies and regulatory practices that are essential for risk management functions within financial institutions.

Curriculum: 12 credits
GBUS 422Derivatives and Risk Management (Required)3
GBUS 424Advanced Topics in Financial Management (Risk Management-Required)3
GBUS 426Financial Markets and Institutions (Required)3
One of the following courses:
STAT 434/MATH 334Mathematical Statistics (OR)3
STAT 438/MATH 338Linear Models In Statistics with Applications (OR)3
STAT/MATH 461Topics In Mathematical Statistics3

3.  Financial Operations Research

Students gain an understanding of the fundamental techniques underlying Operations Research that are of ubiquitous use in all areas of business today, such as Linear Programming, Game Theory, Dynamic Programming, Integer Programming, Nonlinear Programming, and Machine Learning.

Curriculum: 12 credits
ISE 426Optimization Models and Applications (Required)3
ISE 447Financial Optimization (Required)3
Select 2 courses from the following:
ISE 407Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing3
ISE 416Dynamic Programming3
ISE 444Optimization Methods in Machine Learning3
ISE 458Game Theory3
ISE 455Optimization Algorithms and Software3
ISE 4673

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