2018-19 Catalog

Scholastic Averages and Probation

Scholastic requirements for undergraduate students are expressed in terms of the cumulative grade point average (GPA)—the weighted average of all grades received in residence or at institutions specifically approved for grade transfer. The cumulative GPA is computed at the end of each semester and the second summer session.  The University transcript reports a student's cumulative GPA to two decimal places. When considering cumulative GPA for graduation honors and academic standing, the University truncates the GPA to two decimal places, without rounding.

All undergraduates are required to maintain a 2.0 cumulative average, the minimum average required for graduation, to remain in good academic standing. Students who do not meet this GPA requirement will be placed on scholastic probation.

Non-degree students with less than 12 credit hours attempted will not have their progress evaluated until they earn at least 7 credit hours total.  A non-degree student with two or more F grades is eligible to be reviewed by the Committee on the Standing of Students, and may be placed on probation or dropped for poor scholarship at the committee’s discretion.

Any undergraduate student who achieves a 1.69 or lower cumulative grade point average in a given term, or who fails more than eight hours of coursework, is eligible to be reviewed by the Committee on the Standing of Students, and may be placed on academic probation.


Scholastic Probation

Students on scholastic probation are ineligible for (a) intercollegiate competition and other extracurricular activities in which they publicly represent the university; (b) major office (elective or appointive) in any university organization; and (c) other activities which require more time than should be diverted from primary purposes by students whose academic survival is at risk. The Dean of Students shall monitor and enforce this ruling.

Removal from probation

Students are removed from probation at such time as they meet the standard listed above, effective at the end of any semester or the second summer session.

Dropped for poor scholarship

A student who makes a 2.2 GPA or better in the probationary semester but fails to meet the standards stipulated is continued on probation for another semester. A student who makes less than a 2.2 GPA in the probationary semester and fails to meet the standards stipulated above, is dropped for poor scholarship.

If a student goes on scholastic probation for a second (although not necessarily consecutive) term, a review by the Committee on the Standing of Students will determine whether the student will continue on scholastic probation or be dropped for poor scholarship.