2016-17 Catalog

Undergraduate Leave of Absence

Each student is expected to complete the baccalaureate degree by attending Lehigh for four consecutive academic years. Once a student who has matriculated at Lehigh chooses to deviate from this attendance pattern, a revised degree plan, coordinated with his or her advisor and associate dean, must be submitted with a request for a leave by completing a petition to the SOS Committee for an Academic Leave of Absence. Petitions are available from the Registrar’s Office or the Dean of Students. The form must be signed by the student’s advisor and the associate dean of the college, and the completed form must be submitted prior to the start of any subsequent enrollment at another college or university.

Current Lehigh University students are prohibited from concurrent enrollment at any other college or university. Courses taken concurrently will not be eligible to apply towards a Lehigh degree. An exception is made for cross registration at another LVAIC institution.

Special opportunity programs like the American University Internship, Hope College Urban Semester and the Institute for Shipboard Education (affiliated with another university), University of Virginia Semester at Sea, and Georgetown Washington Semester have limited access to Lehigh University students. For procedures concerning application for these programs, please see the Associate Dean of Students for Academic Support.

Students cannot assume that a leave will be granted to study at another college or university (this policy does not apply for study abroad through the auspices of Lehigh Abroad or LVAIC programs). The program of study and reason for the leave must be approved by the SOS committee.

If unapproved leaves are taken, students are declared as non-returning and must apply for readmission to the University through the SOS committee if they wish to re-enroll. Courses taken at another college or university while on an unapproved leave will not be permitted to transfer toward a Lehigh University baccalaureate degree.

In addition, students taking an unauthorized leave of absence must be aware that their eligibility for student aid is jeopardized.

Any student who is uncertain about attending a future fall or spring term at Lehigh University is urged to discuss the matter with the Dean of Students Office or the Registrar's Office prior to taking any action to withdraw or attend another college or university.

Students may take courses at another institution during a summer term without requesting an academic leave of absence. They should check with the Registrar’s Office for limitations and processes for transfer course approval prior to taking the courses.