2016-17 Catalog

Guidelines for Undergraduates to Take Graduate Level Courses

  1. No undergraduate student may take 400-level courses during a term where the student’s total credits are greater than 18 (including audits).
  2. All students receiving a graduate degree must be enrolled one full semester or summer as a regular student prior to the awarding of a graduate degree.
  3. An undergraduate student may use no more than 12 credits taken as an undergraduate toward a graduate degree. These courses must be at the 300 and 400 level and beyond all undergraduate degree requirements.
  4. Students should have achieved junior standing and a grade point average of 3.0 to take 400 level courses.
  5. Students must petition the Standing of Graduate Students and the Standing of Students for permission.
  6. Students requesting a second graduate level course in a given term must petition the Standing of Graduate students committee. (Students should not expect to take a second graduate level course if enrolled for more than 15 credits.)