2016-17 Catalog

Repeating of Courses

If a course is repeated the final grade received upon repetition of the course is counted in the cumulative average.  Only the most recent grade and the credit associated with that course and grade counts towards degree requirements.  The original grade and associated credit hours received will be excluded from the cumulative average and degree requirements. 

A grade that was originally received in a course may not be changed by repeating the course under the pass-fail option.

Students repeating a course that has been graded C or better may not overload (greater than eighteen credits) during that term.

For deletion of a grade from the cumulative average after repeating a course, a student must:

  1. file the deletion form with the registrar’s office; and
  2. repeat the identical course with a final grade at Lehigh

All instances of repeated courses are displayed on the student's academic transcript regardless of repeated status.  Students are responsible for determining any academic or financial implications for repeating courses and for notifying the Office of the Registrar when a course is repeated.