2020-21 Catalog


Providing technology and consulting services to support classroom teaching, laboratories, and other aspects of the academic and research programs is a strategic priority for Lehigh University. About 407 Windows and Macintosh computers are distributed across campus for convenient use by students at 31 computing sites. 

Students and faculty have access to site-licensed software applications and central and cloud-based file storage from on and off campus. LTS provides software at public computing sites for general word processing and spreadsheets,  mathematical and statistical packages, and specialized applications for scientific and engineering work. Over 60 software titles are also available in a virtual environment through the LUapps service.

Lehigh provides access to a variety of computing systems suitable for large scale scientific computing and compute intensive applications. These systems contain 2884 computing cores, 132 GPU devices with 423,168 CUDA cores and 15.3 terabytes of memory available to tackle the most complex and demanding research projects. For more information, see https://researchcomputing.lehigh.edu. University computing capacity and Internet bandwidth are continuously being increased to meet escalating demand.

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning  supports faculty innovation -- see the Faculty Development section of this catalog for details. Library and Technology Services provides technical support for the many computer classrooms, suitable for individual “hands-on” instruction. Most Lehigh University classrooms are equipped with permanently-installed computer projection systems. Equipment is available through the Digital Media Studio to enable faculty or students to give computer-based presentations in any space.

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