2024-25 Catalog

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Payment

Graduate students who register at least six weeks prior to the start of classes will receive an email notification to their Lehigh email account that their tuition bill is ready to view online at the e-Bill Suite. Students that register less than six weeks prior to the start of classes will most likely not have a tuition bill generated prior to the start of classes. Late registration does not excuse the student from satisfying financial obligations by the announced semester due dates. Students registering after the announced semester due date should be prepared to satisfy their financial obligations at the time of registration. Students can review their current account balance online 24/7 by logging into the e-Bill Suite or the Campus Portal. Information about the various payment options is available at the Bursar’s Office web site at www.lehigh.edu/inburs/ or by calling the Bursar’s Office.

Tuition Refunds

A student in good standing who formally withdraws or drops a course(s) before 60% of the semester has been completed is eligible for a tuition refund. Academic fees are non-refundable after the first day of classes. The “first day of classes” is considered the first day of the semester, not the first day a particular class meets. Courses not following standard semester dates will have percent-of-semester-completed refunds based on dates for that specific course. Online courses percent-of-semester-completed are based on access availability, not if/when student first accessed course material. No tuition refunds will be made for courses of one week or less after the first day of class.

Tuition and Fees for 2024-2025 per credit hour

College of Arts & Sciences $1,590
College of Business & Economics $1,340
College of Education, and for fulltime elementary and secondary teachers and administrators enrolled in the other three colleges $630
College of Engineering & Applied Science $1,590
College of Health $1,590
Special Programs MBA & Engineering $1,590
MBA/Educational Leadership $975
MS/Analytical Finance $1,590
MS in Business Analytics $54,150
M² - Masters of Science in Management - 9 month program (30 credits) $54,150
Accelerated MBA (1-year) $68,900
Audit charge per course – same as credit charge in the appropriate college
Maintenance of candidacy – same as a one-credit charge in the appropriate college
Master's candidate registration fee – same as a onecredit charge in the appropriate college

Living Accommodations

The university maintains a graduate student housing complex in the Saucon Valley that has 135 living units. This complex, Saucon Village Apartments, provides units generally on a yearly lease basis. For the 2024-2025 period beginning in September, the following are the monthly rents exclusive of utilities:

Efficiency apartment $830
One-bedroom apartment $930
Two-bedroom apartment $1,070
Three-bedroom apartment $1,160

230 W Packer\Packer House Rent

The university also maintains graduate housing on the Asa Packer campus. 230 W. Packer and Packer House provide single bedrooms within small houses where residents share bathrooms and a common kitchen. These rooms are provided on a yearly basis. For the 2024-2025 period beginning in September, the following are the monthly rents:

Small Bedroom $710
Large Bedroom $730

Other Fees

Application fee Consult with individual college (for graduate admission consideration)
Wellness Fee $220
Late pre-registration 1 $100
Late application for degree $50
Late payment (after announced date) $200
Returned check fine $35
Identification card (replacement) $30
Thesis distribution $55
Dissertation distribution $90
MBA Orientation Fee $375
MS Orientation Fee 100
Supervision fee 2 $175 to $525

Assigned to full-time graduate students who do not select their full class load during the designated period each term.


College of Education (per 3 credits) Intern courses require a special supervision fee which varies from $175 to $525. Inquire in your department.

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