2024-25 Catalog

Graduate Studies Organizations

The Graduate and Research Committee

The Graduate and Research Committee consists of twelve members representing the faculties of Lehigh’s colleges: four from the College of Arts and Sciences; two from the College of Business; four from the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science; and two from the College of Education; plus the college deans, the registrar, the vice provost for research, the director of the office of research, two non-voting graduate student members, and a member of the student senate.

The committee formulates policies and regulations on graduate education and it recommends policies and procedures for research-related activities. The committee interprets and applies faculty rules governing graduate students and degrees, including questions concerning student petitions and appeals.

Graduate Student Senate

The Graduate Student Senate is comprised of graduate student representatives from each academic unit. The general assembly meets bi-monthly during the academic year. This body represents the graduate student community regarding graduate programs and graduate student life at Lehigh. Graduate students selected by the Graduate Student Senate are non-voting members of the Graduate and Research Committee and other university committees.

The Senate provides a forum for discussion with university officials and committees, advocates for policy change, disseminates information, and plans social events in order to facilitate communication and community building among graduate students.

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