2023-24 Catalog


The Arts-Engineering program provides the student with an opportunity to experience the breadth of a liberal arts education and simultaneously follow the focused curriculum of an engineering major. Students in this five-year, dual degree program are awarded two bachelors degrees, one from the College of Arts and Sciences and another from the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the latter a professional degree.

A typical first-year class schedule for an Arts-Engineering student is shown below. 

First Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
ENGL 0013ENGL 0023
MATH 0214MATH 0224
PHY 0114CHM 0304
PHY 0121ENGR 0102
ENGR 0052HSS Humanities /Social Science Elective3-4
(Dept) 90 College Seminar or FYC1-4 
 15-18 16-17
Total Credits: 31-35

Students are encouraged to select both of their major programs before beginning their sophomore year, and to develop a degree plan that includes requirements for both programs. 

Arts-Engineering candidates should recognize that pursuit of a bachelor of science degree (e.g., biology, chemistry, biochemistry, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, and physics) or a bachelor of arts program with larger than average credit requirements (e.g., architecture, physical sciences, cognitive science, among others) will severely restrict choices of free electives.

For all students, very careful planning of the academic program done in consultation with advisers in both colleges is necessary to guarantee completion of all major, distribution and total credit requirements for the two degrees in five years. When selected carefully, courses meet distribution requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences while also satisfying distribution requirements of the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

A course of study in Arts-Engineering may link any College of Engineering and Applied Science major program with any College of Arts and Sciences major program. Recent combinations include: Political Science and Environmental Engineering; Math and Computer Science; Anthropology and Bioengineering; Architecture and Civil Engineering; Music and Mechanical Engineering. Please see individual departments for details concerning required courses and sequences for completing discipline–specific degrees and combinations of degree requirements for Arts-Engineering. 

For more information, please contact the College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Advising Office (inadvise@lehigh.edu, 120 Williams Hall) or Dr. Sabrina Jedlicka (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences). 

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