2021-22 Catalog

Financial Technology

Financial Technology (FinTech) is a new emerging area composed of the intersection of information technology and financial services. Many disruptive technologies such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, mobile banking, machine learning, and robo-advising have been applied in the financial services sector to create new and improved products and to increase efficiency. This minor is ideal for students who have an interest in both IT and finance. 

This minor provides advanced classes in both financial concepts and information technology, culminating in a capstone class that applies concepts in both areas. Students in this minor will be proficient in the information technologies that are applied in FinTech, such as computer programming, database, encryption, big data, and analytics. Additionally, students will be proficient in investments, corporate financial policy, and financial markets.

The FinTech minor is composed of 4 courses (12 credits), and is open to all College of Business students with a declared major, CSB, and IBE students. The courses in the minor have prerequisites that ensure that students have a strong BIS/FIN background before taking the advanced FinTech classes. College of Business majors and College of Business minors cannot overlap. BIS 352 and FIN 330 are not required courses for College of Business majors, and if taken for the minor, cannot count toward a College of Business major.

1. CSE 12: Survey of Computer Science or CSE 17: Programming and Data Structures

2. BIS 352: Advanced Topics in Business Analytics 

3. FIN 330: Financial Markets and Institutions

4. BIS/FIN 388: FinTech Capstone 

Many of the courses that apply to the minor have prerequisites.  These prerequisites do not count toward the minor, and students attempting to complete the minor are not recused from these prerequisites.


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