2017-18 Catalog

Value Chain Research (Center for)

Rauch Business Center, 621 Taylor St.

Center Mission

The Center for Value Chain Research (CVCR) is committed to supporting and sharing research and information through the integration of emerging theory and best practices. The center’s research focuses primarily on, but is not limited to, value chain planning and development activities, which connects corporate strategy with value chain execution.

What the Center Does

  • Provides a unique, multidisciplinary approach to research, offering exciting new opportunities for innovation by integrating analytical and quantitative engineering approaches with process-driven and field-based business research.
  • Conducts professional development seminars and symposiums, APICS certification courses, and executive round tables.
  • Disseminates research findings through professional conferences, scholarly publications, and curriculum development.

Affiliated Faculty

Robert Trent, Ph.D., Director; Liuba Belkin, Ph.D.; William Forster, Ph.D.; Doug Mahony, Ph.D.; Corinne Post, Ph.D.; Catherine Ridings, Ph.D; Nada Sanders, Ph.D; Michael D. Santoro, Ph.D; Susan Sherer, Ph.D.; Oliver Yao, Ph.D.; Zach Zacharia, Ph.D.

For more information, contact Prof. Robert Trent, Director, (rjt2@lehigh.edu), Center for Value Chain Research, Lehigh University, Rauch Business Center, 621 Taylor Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015; (610-758-5157). Web site: https://cvcr.lehigh.edu