2018-19 Catalog


Degree Registration

A student must be registered in the semester in which the degree is conferred. If a student is not registered for a course, he/she must register for maintenance of candidacy. Candidates for September degrees do not need to be enrolled the summer preceding the degree if they were enrolled both fall and spring of the previous academic year.

Application for Degree

Candidates for graduation on University Day in May must apply on or before February 1; candidates for graduation in September apply on or before July 1; candidates for graduation in January apply on or before October 1. Students must apply online using the Banner Student Information System.

Failure to file such notice by such dates mentioned debars the candidate from receiving the degree at the ensuing graduation exercises. If a petition for late filing is granted, but before deadline to complete all requirements, a fee is assessed.


Graduate students must receive clearance from the university prior to the awarding of the degree. The following obligations must be satisfied:

  • Students must complete all coursework, including any incomplete grades they may have received.
  • Theses must be cleared by Registration & Academic Services.
  • Dissertations must be cleared by the appropriate dean’s office.
  • All financial obligations must be cleared with the bursar. Tuition fees, bookstore charges, library fines, and motor or vehicle fines must be paid before graduation.
  • All library books on loan must be returned.
  • Students must turn in their student identification cards at the I.D. card office.
  • The interdepartmental clearance sheet must be completed and reviewed with the department coordinator in which the student has studied.