2018-19 Catalog

Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise

Main Office: Rauch Business Center, Suite 350 / 621 Taylor Street / 610.758.4771

Current Faculty: Todd A. Watkins, Ph.D., Executive Director, and Director of the Microfinance Program; Robert J. Thornton, Ph.D., Associate Director, and Editor of Martindale Publications; Judith McDonald, Ph.D., Associate Director, and Director of the Canadian Studies Institute; Jesus M. Salas, Ph.D., Director of the Family Business Institute. 

Faculty Emeriti: J. Richard Aronson, Ph.D., founding Director.

Affiliated Faculty: Martindale Student Associates Honors Program Mentors: Stephen H. Cutcliffe, Ph.D.; Vera Fennell, Ph.D.; Nandkumar (Nandu) Nayar, Ph.D.; Catherine M. Ridings, Ph.D.; Richard N. Weisman, Ph.D.

Staff: Janice Johnston Howie, Martindale Program Director; Melissa Gallagher, Administrative Coordinator.

The Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise was established in the College of Business and Economics in 1980 with a gift from Elizabeth Fairchild Martindale and Harry Turner Martindale '27. The Center develops a range of programs and activities to promote understanding of the structure and performance of the US economic system and its relationship with the world economy.

The Martindale Student Associates Honors Program is an international undergraduate research program launched at the same time as the establishment of the Center. Each year, a cohort of students competitively selected from across all disciplines engages in research on the economy of a foreign nation. Their resulting academic papers are published in volumes of the Center's undergraduate research journal, Perspectives on Business and Economics. 

Martindale's Microfinance Program, launched in 2005, comprises a broad range of activities including faculty research, undergraduate and graduate student research, academic-industry initiatives, workshops and conferences, opportunities for field immersion in the US and abroad, and a community lending practicum and internships for students.

Martindale's Canadian Studies Institute was established in 1984. Its role is to promote understanding of Canadian economic and political issues by supporting topics of mutual interest to US and Canadian faculty, and by bringing Canadian speakers to campus.

Established in 2016, the Family Business Institute is the Martindale Center's most recent initiative. The Institute seeks to provide high-quality educational experiences, backed by world-class research, to assist families in managing, growing, and developing their businesses, and researchers exploring challenges unique to family business. The Institute pursues its mission through research programs, executive education initiatives, workshops, and activities that engage Lehigh students with family businesses, including internships and support for courses.

The Martindale Center produces a range of scholarly publications and provides sponsorship and support for faculty research, lectures, conferences, and visiting scholar and executive-in-residence programs.

Contact Us: Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise Rauch Business Center, Lehigh University College of Business and Economics 621 Taylor Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015 ***** Executive Director: Todd A. Watkins 610-758-4954 / taw4@lehigh.edu ***** Martindale Program Director: Janice Johnston Howie 610-758-4492 / jaj205@lehigh.edu ***** Canadian Studies Institute Director: Judith A. MacDonald 610.758.5345 / djm0@lehigh.edu  ***** Family Business Institute Director: Jesus Salas 610-758-4488 / jms408@lehigh.edu ***** Administrative Coordinator: Melissa Gallagher 610-758-4771 / mmg314@lehigh.edu ***** Website: https://cbe.lehigh.edu/martindale