2021-22 Catalog

Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship Program

Website: http://globalcitizenship.cas2.lehigh.edu

Supported by the Office of International Affairs 610-758-2981;  invpia@lehigh.edu
Coxe Hall, 32 Sayre Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015-3123 

The Global Citizenship Program prepares students to cultivate an ethical stance, a critical way of thinking, and a committed mode of intervening in a world populated by others who we may not know but with whom we must co-create a viable future. The program welcomes students from across the colleges and from any major. 

To be eligible to apply to the program, interested students must successfully complete the pre-requisite course,GCP 010, during the spring term of their first year at Lehigh.

Certificate in Global Citizenship

Core Courses
GCP 010Introduction to Global Citizenship3
GCP 185Cosmopolitanism and Culture I 12
GCP 186Cosmopolitanism and Culture II 22
GCP 285The Citizen and the City2
GCP 385Global Citizenship Capstone Course 34
Two electives approved by the program director/adviser and each at a minimum of 3 credits.6
International Experience
12-14 day faculty-led intersession trip abroad 4
Additional international experience at least 4 weeks in length and approved by the program director/adviser
Total Credits19


GCP 010 Introduction to Global Citizenship 3 Credits

In this interdisciplinary course, open to any freshman student, we explore the notion of global citizenship. We examine historical and current frameworks around how diverse sectors and stakeholders are responding to global crises and SDGs, and we also take on the inevitable paradoxes, contradictions, hypocrisies and biases that arise in this practice. As individuals, you will work towards forming your own definition/mission statement as a point of departure for taking up an intentional position within the contemporary globalized world.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

GCP 185 Cosmopolitanism and Culture I 2 Credits

Global citizenship assumes awareness of and contact with those unlike ourselves. This course brings us into a sustained consideration of self, other, and difference, in both theory and practice. How do we approach other people and difference in general, and why has this marked such a challenge for us as humans? We will examine Western understandings of self and other as well as non-Western conceptualizations, considering these questions within the frameworks of cosmopolitanism and global citizenship.
Prerequisites: GCP 010
Attribute/Distribution: HU

GCP 186 Cosmopolitanism and Culture II 2 Credits

This course takes us into practice. How can we engage deeply and well with difference as we live our lives and do our work? We will analyze these questions via case studies and through engaging with guest speakers from diverse professional areas. The course includes a study trip as a cohort which will provide a deep dive into global citizenship practice around SDGs in a non-US site. These experiences will deepen our discussions around culture, leadership and collaboration.
Prerequisites: GCP 010 and GCP 185
Attribute/Distribution: HU

GCP 285 The Citizen and the City 2 Credits

Cities are home to a good part of our world. For some, cities are buzzing places of excitement and innovation, interactions and ideas. For others, they are hostile, uncomfortable, sordid and soulless. As a global citizenship practitioner, you are likely to find yourself engaging with urban locales in some way. In this course, we will examine what makes a city healthy, safe, creative, welcoming and otherwise life-sustaining. The course includes experiential elements.
Prerequisites: GCP 010 and GCP 185 and GCP 186

GCP 385 Global Citizenship Capstone Course 2 Credits

This two-semester course (4 credits for the year) invites you into a final set of projects that pull together your learning over your time in the Global Citizenship Program. Each semester will have its own projects and should be taken for 2 credits each.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.
Prerequisites: GCP 010 or GCP 185 or GCP 186 or GCP 285
Can be taken Concurrently: GCP 285
Attribute/Distribution: SS

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