2024-25 Catalog

Health (HLTH)


HLTH 400 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Population Health 3 Credits

This course will explore central issues in the philosophical and theoretical foundations central to population health research methods. It focuses on critically analyzing and applying theories to scholarship. Students will engage with theoretical thinking, reading, and writing, applying it to their research interests. Course work will cover the philosophy of science alongside theoretical frameworks and both formal and informal theories from interdisciplinary fields. Students will refine their research agendas, developing questions and conceptual frameworks to guide their work.

HLTH 412 Research Ethics in Population Health 3 Credits

Students will explore ethical concepts and critical issues pertaining to the ethical inclusion of human subjects in population health research as well as the responsible conduct of research. This course will provide opportunities for writing about, discussion of, and case-based learning around current and historical perspectives on population health research. Students will complete the necessary training for participating in human subjects research as well as the responsible conduct of research at Lehigh University.

HLTH 416 Grant Writing 3 Credits

This course will introduce students to grant writing in community health, population health, and public health. Topics include, but are not limited to, researching appropriate funding agencies and funding mechanisms, developing specific aims, project narratives, and budgets, understanding reviewer summary statements, and drafting reports for funding agencies. Differences in funding from federal, state, and private agencies and organizations will also be discussed. Students will draft their own proposals with the intent of submission. This course is intended for doctoral students.

HLTH 417 Teaching Community and Population Health 3 Credits

This course is designed for doctoral students in community health and population health to learn about teaching and course development. Students will learn about the pragmatic aspects of curriculum design, including syllabus design, how to select readings, assignment and exam design, grading and rubric design, creating lectures and slides, lecturing, and leading discussions for different levels of learners. Students will also gain practical experience in these areas and will create a new community or population health course.

HLTH 482 Population Health Dissertation Proposal 1-8 Credits

Students will work closely with their doctoral advisor and doctoral committee to develop their dissertation proposal. Students will orally defend their dissertation proposal to their doctoral committee and will need to obtain approval before proceeding to the dissertation phase.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.

HLTH 499 Population Health Dissertation 1-8 Credits

Students will work closely with their doctoral advisor and doctoral committee to complete their dissertation project. Students will be required to pass their dissertation defense and incorporate feedback from the committee in order to meet the graduation requirements for the doctoral degree.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.

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