2023-24 Catalog

Classics (CLSS)


CLSS 021 (HIST 021) Greek History 4 Credits

The development of civilization from palaeolithic times to the world empire of Alexander the Great. The social, economic, religious, philosophic, artistic and literary development of the ancient world; the origin of political institutions.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

CLSS 022 (HIST 022) Roman History 4 Credits

Rome from its origins to A.D. 476. Political, social and religious developments. Transformation of the late Roman Empire to the early medieval period.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

CLSS 114 (JST 114, REL 114) Christian Origins: New Testament and the Beginnings of Christianity 4 Credits

Early Christianity from its beginnings until the end of the second century. Coverage includes the Jewish and Hellenistic matrices of Christianity, traditions about the life of Jesus and his significance, and the variety of belief and practice of early Christians. Emphasis on encountering primary texts.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

CLSS 142 (HMS 142) The Greek and Latin Roots of Medical Terminology 4 Credits

This course is an intro to scientific and medical terminology through the study of the core Greek and Latin roots and other elements (prefixes, suffixes) of this specialized vocabulary. Students will develop the skills needed to analyze a broad range of scientific and medical terms linguistically and to recognize their components in order to understand better the meaning of medical language. The course includes regular homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. No prior knowledge of Latin or ancient Greek is required.
Attribute/Distribution: HU

CLSS 176 (ANTH 176, ARCH 176, ART 176) Roman Archaeology 4 Credits

Cultures of the Roman Empire. Reconstructions of social, political, and economic dynamics of the imperial system from the study of artifacts.
Attribute/Distribution: SS

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