2024-25 Catalog

Business & Health (BUHE)


BUHE 001 Integrated Seminar 3 Credits

This course will explain how the core principles of business apply to organizations in the health setting. It will apply knowledge and skills from business, health economics, and health policy to complex and ambiguous real world problems encountered by health and health care organizations. Topics include, for example, how to address potential conflicts between population health goals and the financial goals of health organizations.

BUHE 301 Integrated Capstone 3 Credits

The capstone project course immerses students in projects on how business, economic, and policy analysis skills can be applied ethically in an organization to improve population health. Students will work in cross-disciplinary teams of 5 to 6 business and health majors with a faculty mentor on the projects focused on public health and health care policies and community health initiatives.
Prerequisites: BUHE 001

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