2020-21 Catalog

American Studies (AMST)


AMST 347 (PHIL 347, REL 347) American Religious Thinkers 3-4 Credits

An examination of the writings of key figures in the history of American religious thought (such as Edwards, Emerson, Bushnell, Peirce, James, Royce, Dewey and the Niebuhrs). Attention will be directed both to the historical reception of these writings and to their contemporary significance.

AMST 400 American Studies: Theory and Method 3 Credits

An introduction to the theoretical orientations and methodological strategies of American Studies. Seminar involves extensive reading as well as application of theory and method to students’ research.

AMST 401 Special Topics in American Studies 1-3 Credits

Graduate seminar focused on one particular subject area in American Culture.

AMST 402 Independent Study 3 Credits

Individually supervised course in the area of American Culture. Consent of the program director required.

AMST 433 Documentary Film Production 3 Credits

An independent study mode of course awarding credit for the production of a 30-minute documentary film that meets two standards: 1) high production value, and 2) scholarly content based on detailed research and driven by critical analysis.

AMST 471 Special Topics 3 Credits

AMST 481 Independent Study 1-3 Credits

AMST 482 Independent Study 1-3 Credits

AMST 490 Master’s Thesis 1-6 Credits

Independent work, with a faculty member, on a single master's thesis or two thesis papers. Topic approved by individual faculty member. Typically taken in the last semester of course work.
Repeat Status: Course may be repeated.

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