2021-22 Catalog

College Offices

College of Arts and Sciences
Maginnes Hall
9 West Packer Avenue; 758-3300
Robert A. Flowers, Ph.D., Herbert J. and Ann L. Siegel Dean
Diane Hyland, Ph.D., senior associate dean for faculty and staff
R. Michael Burger, Ph.D., associate dean, research and graduate programs
Susan Szczepanski, Ph.D., associate dean, undergraduate programs 
Kelly Austin-Noble, Ph.D., associate dean, interdisciplinary programs and international initiatives

College of Business
Rauch Business Center
621 Taylor Street; 758-3000
Georgette C. Phillips, J.D., Kevin L. and Lisa A. Clayton Dean
Katrina Zalatan, Ph.D., associate dean and director, undergraduate programs
Yuliang (Oliver) Yao, Ph.D., associate dean, graduate programs

College of Education
Iacocca Hall
111 Research Drive; 758-3221
William Gaudelli, Ph.D., dean
George DuPaul, Ph.D., associate dean for research
Robin Hojnoski, Ph.D., associate dean for graduate studies

College of Health
STEPS Building (temporary)
1 West Packer Avenue; 758-1800
Beth Dolan, Ph.D., interim dean
Anand Jagota, Ph.D., associate dean of research
Erica Hoelscher, Ph.D., associate dean of faculty and staff

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
Packard Laboratory
19 Memorial Drive West; 758-4025
Stephen DeWeerth, Ph.D., dean
Susan Perry, Ph.D., assistant dean for academic affairs
Sabrina Jedlicka, Ph.D., associate dean for academic affairs
John Coulter, Ph.D., senior associate dean for research
Svetlana Tatic-Lucic, Ph.D., associate dean for faculty development

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