2017-18 Catalog

Iacocca Institute

Iacocca Institute®

111 Research Drive; 758-6723

Kira Mendez, Director, Iacocca Institute; Trisha Alexy, Curriculum Director, Global Village; Mary Frances Schurtz-Leon, Candidate Manager, Global Village; Diana Q. Shepherd, Director, Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship. Iacocca Professors: Peter Zeitler, professor, earth and environmental sciences; David Griffith, professor, College of Business and Economics, and George White, professor, College of Education.

Over the years, Lehigh University has developed an impressive ability to forge university-industry-government partnerships. These partnerships are critical not only to the future of universities but, also to improve U.S. competitiveness. It is primarily through partnerships — with companies, schools, government agencies and other universities — that the Iacocca Institute pursues its mission of preparing current and future leaders for a globally competitive marketplace. One of these partnering activities is the Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry® (GV).

The Global Village provides young adults from around the world the chance to experience a total-immersion leadership program. Its purpose is to provide personal and organizational change needed to thrive in the emerging global economy. During the GV program, participants who share the dream of a leadership career in business and industry focus on developing knowledge of business and industry, enhancing leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and establishing a powerful global network. To date, more than 2100 interns representing 138 countries have graduated from the program and are now part of the growing list of GV alumni. GV participants are diverse in culture and background. They represent students of undergraduate and graduate institutions, and managers from global corporations and family-owned businesses.

Global Village on the Move was established through a growing interest among our partner institutions to deliver the Global Village in their own countries, regions and territories. While GV is not a mobile program, the Iacocca Institute determined that shorter seven-to-ten day versions could be delivered in collaboration with existing recruitment partners outside of North America. Qualified partners will have visited and provided attendees to the GV flagship program. The opportunity to provide a collaborative immersion learning experience, cultural experience, and similar curriculum pattern in other countries has allowed us to work with partners in Peru 2000, Spain 2003, Australia 2005, United Arab Emirates 2006, Malaysia 2010, Peru 2011, Italy 2012, China 2013, Russia 2014, and India 2015.  Future programs are scheduled for Puerto Rico in 2018.

The Iacocca Institute fulfills its mission for leadership development of the next generation in the Pennsylvania School for Global Entrepreneurship (PSGE). PSGE is designed as a unique learning program to educate top high school students from the U.S. and around the world on global entrepreneurship. The four-week residential program focuses on challenging students as they develop greater cultural awareness, leadership skills, and learn business practices with other students, faculty, and entrepreneurs. To date, PSGE has trained over 1085 students from 63 countries and 18 states.

The Iacocca Institute was established in 1987 with the support of Lee A. Iacocca, former chairman and chief executive officer, Chrysler Corporation, and a member of Lehigh’s Class of 1945.

For more information, contact Kira Mendez, Director, Iacocca Institute®, Iacocca Hall, Lehigh University, 111 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015.