2018-19 Catalog

Lehigh University Art Galleries – Museum Operation (LUAG)

Lehigh University Art Galleries Teaching Museum’s (LUAG) central educational resource is viewed as a multifaceted integrated classroom in which education is approached in the following ways: Museum and Curatorial Studies; Collections Care and Management; Exhibitions and Interpretation; and Partnership with the Community. Courses are taught across-the-disciplines using the University’s world-class teaching collection, which represents a diverse and broad cross-section of art and culture. Students and faculty are engaged in direct experiential learning within the Integrated Teaching Collection and Visual Laboratory. Exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, and videos in eight campus locations are planned specifically to function as teaching tools for exploring diverse topics in visual literacy and the humanities.

Museum Education and Community Engagement

As a university teaching museum, LUAG is a well-established, evolutionary and progressive program within the broader institutional mandate of Lehigh University. Our educational and cultural mission is advanced through firsthand observation and hands-on training.  Faculty from all disciplines is encouraged to seek opportunities for teaching through our Collection.  Students develop skills to respond critically to a rapidly changing world through problem-based learning and collaboration, ultimately preparing them to become well-informed consumers of visual culture in the broadest sense.  We create educational opportunities for the entire student body, and enrich the cultural life of the campus and the community at large.  LUAG works in conjunction with Art|Architecture|Design, History, and Curatorial and Museum Studies, as well as other departments on campus to increase involvement in the arts and humanities. 

During the past few years, we have expanded our Gallery activities to include more docent-guided tours, greater volunteer engagement, and special programs.  One of our current initiatives is to create an atmosphere of “accessible art” for visitors with vision loss or limited vision.  With the assistance of internal and external writers, we provide audio descriptions and tactile diagrams of select artwork in the Teaching Collection.  The descriptions will enable visitors the ability to “see” with their mind’s eye, encouraging a more relaxed and accessible viewing of the collection for all visitors. 

University teaching museums invite exploration and the traversing of boundaries, both between and within curricular disciplines and across cultures. LUAG has an established reputation for being a unique institution on the college campus, and are a vital resource within the liberal arts environment.