2018-19 Catalog

Offices and Resources

In this section, only the principal officers are listed. For degree information, consult the alphabetical listing that follows.

27 Memorial Drive West; 758-3100
Dan Warner, vice provost for admissions and financial aid

27 Memorial Drive West; 758-4711
Joseph E. Buck, vice president for development and alumni relations

Alumni Association
27 Memorial Drive West; 758-5799
Jennifer Cunningham, assistant vice president, alumni engagement

Art Galleries/Museum Operations
420 East Packer Avenue; 758-3615
Ricardo Viera, director/curator

641 Taylor Street; 758-4300
Joseph D. Sterrett, Murray H. Goodman dean of athletics

Ben Franklin Technology Center
125 Goodman Drive; 758-5200
R. Chad Paul, president & chief executive officer

9 West Packer Avenue; 758-3383
Brian Adler, General Manager

Budget Office
422 Brodhead Avenue; 758-4204
Stephen J. Guttman, director of budget

27 Memorial Drive West; 758-3160
Michael J. King, bursar

Business Services
516 Brodhead Avenue; 758-3840
Mark R. Ironside, executive director

Career Services
621 Taylor Street, 484 RBC; 758-3710
Lori Kennedy, director

Center for Gender Equity
29 Trembley Drive; 758-6484
Rita Jones, director

Center for Writing, Math and Study Skills
35 Sayre Drive; 758-3098
Edward E. Lotto, director

Chaplaincy Services
661 Taylor Street; 758-3877
Rev. Dr. Lloyd H. Steffen, university chaplain and professor of religion studies

Child Care Center
5 Duh Drive #21; 758-5437
Kathy N. Calabrese, director

Community and Regional Affairs
343 Whitaker Lab, 5 E. Packer; 758-5801
Adrienne Washington, assistant vice president, community relations

Computing Center (see Information Resources)

Conference Services
63 University Drive, Rathbone Hall; 758-5306
Mary Kay Baker, director

Controller’s Office
524 Brodhead Avenue; 758-3140
Kathleen J. Miller, controller

Corporate and Foundation Relations
27 Memorial Drive West; 758-6845
Cameron J. McCoy, assistant vice president, economic engagement

Counseling & Psychological Services
36 University Drive; 758-3880
Ian T. Birky, director

Dean of Students
29 Trembley Drive, C108 University Center; 758-4156
Ricardo Hall, vice provost for student affairs

Development (see Advancement)

Distance Education (see Special Academic Programs)

Environmental Health and Safety
616 Brodhead Avenue; 758-4251
Barbara A. Plohocki, director

Facilities Services and Planning
461 Webster Street; 758-3970
Larry Patton, interim chief facilities officer

Finance and Administration
27 Memorial Drive West; 758-3180
Denise M. Blew, associate vice president

Financial Aid
218 W. Packer Avenue; 758-3181
Jennifer Mertz, director

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
29 Trembley Drive B004; 758-4157
Ashley Baudouin, assistant dean and director

General Counsel
27 Memorial Drive West, Room 307; 758-3572
Frank A. Roth. Esq., general counsel
Heather K. Hosfeld, Esq., deputy general counsel

Government Relations and Economic Development
5 Whitaker Lab; 758-5802
William D. Michalerya, associate vice president; 758-5802
Vito G. Gallo, assistant vice president for state relations; 758-5801

Graduate Student Life
217 W. Packer Ave.; 758-4722
Kathleen S. Hutnik, director of graduate student life

Health Center
36 University Drive, Johnson Hall; 758-3870
Thomas Novak, M.D., interim director

Human Resources
428 Brodhead Avenue; 758-3900                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Chris Chris Halladay, associate vice president

Institutional Research
422 Brodhead Ave.; 758-5890
Henry Zheng, vice provost for institutional research

Internal Audit
526 Brodhead Avenue; 758-5012
Mark Laccetti and Adrienne Larmett

International Affairs
32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall; 758-4709
Cheryl Ann Matherly, vice president and vice provost for international affairs

Library and Technology Services
8A East Packer Avenue; 758-3025
Bruce M. Taggart, vice provost

Manufacturers Resource Center
125 Goodman Drive; 758-5599
Jack E. Pfunder, executive director

Parking Services
36 University Drive, 106 Johnson Hall; 758-3893
Sharon Field, manager

Personnel (see Human Resources)

Police (see University Police)

President’s Office
27 Memorial Drive West; 758-3156
John D. Simon, president

Provost’s Office
27 Memorial Drive West; 758-3605
Patrick V. Farrell, provost and vice president for academic affairs

516 Brodhead Avenue; 758-3840
Mark Ironside, executive director

Registration & Academic Services
27 Memorial Drive West; 758-3200
Linda Bell and Allen Taylor, directors

7 Sinclair Laboratory, Rm. 305; 758-6964
Alan J. Snyder, vice president & associate provost for research & graduate studies

Research and Sponsored Programs
526 Brodhead Avenue; 758-3021
Thomas J. Meischeid, director

Residential Services
63 University Drive, Rathbone Hall; 758-3500
Ozzie Breiner, director

Risk Management
616 Brodhead Ave.; 758-3899
Kim Nimmo, director

Special Academic Programs (Distance Education and Summer Studies)
436 Brodhead Avenue; 758-3966 (Summer); 758-4373 (Distance)
Margaret Portz, director

Sports Communications
641 Taylor Street; 758-3174
Steve Lomangino, director

Student Affairs
29 Trembley Drive, University Center; 758-3890
Ricardo Hall, vice provost for student affairs

Student Auxiliary Services
63 Rathbone Hall; 758-5339
David M. Joseph, executive director

Summer Studies (see Special Academic Programs)

Transportation Services
126 Goodman Drive; 758-4410
Bob Bruneio, manager

Treasurer (see Finance and Administration)

University Police
321 East Packer Avenue; 758-4200
Jason D. Schiffer, chief

University Communications and Public Affairs
125 Goodman Drive; 758-4487
Fred J. McGrail, vice president for communications and public affairs

Zoellner Arts Center
420 East Packer Avenue; 758-5323
Andrew Cassano, administrative director