2023-24 Catalog

Computer Engineering (CREG)


CREG 257 Senior Lab Project I 3 Credits

With CREG 258, provides a complete design experience for Electrical and Computer Engineers. Students are expected to identify essential project aspects crucial to success and to perform in-depth engineering evaluation and testing demonstrating that desired results can be achieved with the proposed implementation. Instruction in technical writing, product development, ethics and professional engineering, and presentation of design and research. Two three hour sessions and one additional two hour lecture per week. Must have senior status.

CREG 258 Senior Lab Project II 2 Credits

Continuation of CREG 257 Complete design, construction, and testing of projects selected and developed in CREG 257. Final design reviews and project presentations; final written report; development issues, including manufacturability, patents, and ethics. Department approval.
Prerequisites: CREG 257

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