2016-17 Catalog

Lehigh University's Fulbright Program Office

Bill Hunter, Director, International Outreach
32 Sayre Drive, Coxe Hall, Room 215, Bethlehem, PA 18015-3123
(610) 758-4505

Kathryn Novogratz, Coordinator
(610) 758-3193


The Fulbright Program Office serves as a facilitator between the various Fulbright offices nationwide and the Lehigh faculty and graduate coordinators. In this capacity, the Office regularly publicizes scholarship opportunities for faculty seeking to research or lecture overseas. Conversely, the Office notifies Lehigh faculty of opportunities to host Fulbright Outreach Lecturers or Scholars in Residence on campus.

The Office also works directly with the Fulbright Placement Officers, encouraging them to send Fulbright student applications to Lehigh for consideration. Once admitted, the Office provides Fulbright students, as well as Fulbright Scholars coming to Lehigh, with orientation and assimilation programs, local familiarization tours, and coordinates the Fulbright Association on campus.

For more information, contact Bill Hunter at 610-758-4505 or wdh3@lehigh.edu.  To learn more about Lehigh's commitment to the Fulbright Program, please visit the following web site:  global.lehigh.edu/fulbright