2016-17 Catalog

Networking and Voice Communications

Lehigh University is a “wired” campus in every sense of the word. A highspeed fiber optic backbone network ties together campus buildings and student residences, including fraternities and sororities. The Campus Portal allows each member of the Lehigh community to fully customize their access to web-based information and applications. Student computer use in the residences is supported by the WIRED program. Staff communicate with students in advance of their arrival at Lehigh to identify for them compatible hardware and software for use on the campus network. When students bring their computers to campus, staff assist them with their initial setup and provide continuing assistance with any networking problems throughout the semester. The front line WIRED consultants are well-trained students who live in the residences and can readily provide prompt, onsite assistance. See http://lts.lehigh.edu/services/wired.

Lehigh also provides secure wireless connectivity in many campus settings – see http://lts.lehigh.edu/services/faq/wireless-networking-faq. Through Lehigh’s enterprise systems, convenient interactive services such as online course registration and online grades are offered to students. There is also a parent portal configured to parent’s needs and interests. Library and Technology Services supports a telephone system.